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Speaker: Kamesh Sampath

With Kubernetes gaining so much popularity over the years since it was introduced, it has now become the new Application Server. With most enterprises starting to embrace Serverless architectures, developers wished to have a platform like Kubernetes but with capability to handle serverless workloads. As a result, Knative(Snow White) was born in Kubernetes Fairyland…

The story starts with how Knative was born, with details explaining how it uses the Kubernetes primitives to provide a platform that can run serverless workloads. With many Serverless platforms based on Kubernetes, developers are left with question which one to choose and why. That’s exactly what the next part of the session is going talk about with demos. The Snow White tale is never complete without the dwarves, but in this story I have only three dwarves -- Build, Serving and Eventing; the building blocks of Knative -- The last part of the story is packed with demonstrations to show how our dwarves helps the Snow White to handle the serverless workloads in an efficient and optimal way.

Since "Knative" was announced by Google in 2018 there has been a lot of buzz and excitement around Serverless and Knative. As a developer I always had the following questions around the subject:
1. Where is the "get started" for me ?
2. Who will explain the concepts and how they are related ?
3. Is there good demo(s) available ?
I did spend lot of time in getting answers for these questions, which I wish to share with with me fellow developer community

About Speaker:

Kamesh is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, as part of his additional role as Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat -- he actively educates on Kubernetes/OpenShift, Servicemesh and Serverless technologies --. With a career spanning close to two decades, most of Kamesh’s career was with services industry helping various enterprise customers build Java based solutions. Kamesh has been an contributor to Open Source projects for more than a decade and he now actively contributes to projects like Knative, Minishift, Eclipse Che, fabric8 etc., As part of his developer philosophy he strongly believes in LEARN MORE, DO MORE and SHARE MORE!

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/techtalkssg/events/257919625/

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Speaker: Brian Benz

Brian is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, helping Java developers to get the most out of Azure. Before Joining Microsoft, he was a solution architect, consultant, developer, author and presenter at IBM, Deloitte, and other companies. Find him on Twitter @bbenz.

In this code-heavy, interactive presentation, Brian will describe how to use OpenTracing (http://opentracing.io/­) with Jaeger (https://www.jaegertracing.io/­) and annotations in MicroProfile and other Microservice architectures to reliably improve and deploy updated versions your applications to VMs and Kubernetes in the cloud. Topics include best practices for performance analysis, maintaining delivery pipelines using the Linux command line, plus tips on the best free OpenTracing tools and SDKs available on GitHub.

This is a technical talk that will focus on the code. The examples, tools and demos that is shown will be applicable to any cloud platform.

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/singajug/events/257989096/

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Recorded by: Herdy Handoko

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Speaker: Irina Chiew

Catch this session on 'The Dark Art of Product Innovation' where Irina Chiew will share her knowledge on how true innovation comes from bending constraints and how there is no larger constraint than time.

In this session, she will also cover how designing at scale is crucial to success and explore how a design system can speed up your innovation process and allow you to spend more time being smart and less time pushing pixels.

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/ThoughtWorks-Talks-Tech/events/257360444/

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Recorded by: Jesstern Rays

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Speaker: Marielle Reussink

(Audio starts only at 00:36 due to technical issues during the recording)

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/WordPress-Singapore/events/257400469/

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DSSG Panel Discussion

Ever wondered what the different data roles like AI researcher, data scientist, big data engineer, machine learning engineer, and data analyst entail? What are skills needed to join their ranks? What role is suitable for you? Let us kick off 2019 with a panel of great data people to answer your burning questions about the data industry and what it takes to have a successful data career.

- Eugene’s (https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugeneyan/) mission is to use data to create positive impact and improve lives. He enjoys building data products and teams and has a track record of delivering measurable value. His work at IBM, Lazada (Alibaba), and now uCare.ai has provided experience in people-centric industries and data such as workforce analytics, e-commerce, and healthcare.

- Jaideep (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdhok/) works as an ML Engineer at NTUC. He works with data scientists in productionising machine learning models. Prior to that he worked as a data engineer in Lazada. In Lazada he worked on creating the data ingestion pipelines and later worked as an ML engineer for the onsite ad project.

- Michael (https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-n...) is a Business Intelligence and Data Analyst from Agilent Technologies where he drives BI solutions to deliver insights to internal stakeholders. Prior to this, he worked in market research providing consumer insights to tech clients worldwide. He is passionate about uncovering actionable insights through visualizations and analytics.

- Weina (https://www.linkedin.com/in/weinadu/) is a Research Scientist in Rakuten institute of Technology Singapore who has working experience in recommender systems, customer churn prediction and retention improvement, data based investment, and deep learning based classification. Weina graduates from University of Amsterdam with a PhD in computational chemistry and biophysics. She believes that data and science can empower the society. Recently, she published an article on her experiences winning a deep learning competition: https://techblog.rakuten.co.jp/2018/1...

- Koo (moderator)(https://www.linkedin.com/in/koopingsh...) is an experienced Data Scientist/Analytics Instructor with an MBA degree & 12+ years of relevant experience. Personal research interest in using Data Science to make organizations become efficient & effective and assisting more people to understand & pursue Data Science.

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/DataScience-SG-Singapore/events/257861754/

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WeBuild.SG is a list of free open events and open source libraries for the curious folks who love to make things!

  • January 2019 Singapore Clojure Meetup
    Singapore Clojure Meetup

    24-Jan, Thu, 06:30 PM

    Skyscanner, 39 Robinson Road, Level 7, Singapore

    Join 27 others

  • INTELLLEX & Lucidworks: Solr in action
    Singapore Lucene/Solr & AI Community

    24-Jan, Thu, 06:30 PM

    The Working Capitol, 1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109

    Join 32 others

  • Hybrid Database (SQL Onprem and Azure) + BI Meetup
    Azure, Office and Data Community (Singapore)

    24-Jan, Thu, 07:00 PM

    Microsoft Singapore Auditorium, Level 21, One Marina Boulevard

    Join 119 others

  • Atlassian User Group - January 2019
    Atlassian User Group Singapore

    24-Jan, Thu, 07:00 PM

    SGX Centre 1 Marketplace, 2nd Floor - SGX Academy, 2 Shenton Way (Entrance nearest to Lau Pa Sat), Singapore

    Join 25 others

  • Apache Spark on Databricks for Data Engineers
    Singapore Data Engineering Meetup

    24-Jan, Thu, 07:00 PM

    Microsoft Singapore Office, 1 Marina Blvd, 018989

    Join 100 others

  • Securing AWS Console and Workloads with CyberArk
    Privileged Access Management

    25-Jan, Fri, 01:00 PM

    CyberArk Software (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., 3 Anson Road, #24-02 Springleaf tower

    Join 17 others