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Speaker: Puneet Sahalot

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor with great capabilities for building custom pages and post layouts. A lot of users have started using it for complete website builds and there are several plugins in the ecosystem to extend Gutenberg with more features and functionality.

While page builders have been around for a long time, recently there has been a lot of discussion about the future of Page Builders in the Gutenberg era. Having built products for both Page Builders and Gutenberg (under development), I have experience of both the worlds and have interacted with customers about their use cases and requirements. In my session, I will share insights about how Page Builders and Gutenberg can co-exist.

What kind of challenges and problems both of these solve. Pros and cons of these elements for not only users but how it’s going to impact Business owners – who build with WordPress and for WordPress.

About the speaker

Puneet is the CEO of IdeaBox, working with a team of brilliant tech professionals and creative minds. He is on a mission to help designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to strengthen their online presence with top-notch quality WordPress solutions. With his 8+ years of experience in the world of WordPress, Puneet endeavours to eliminate all the hurdles that pose a challenge in empowering the digital existence of an entity.

Event Page: https://2019.singapore.wordcamp.org/sessions/#wcorg-session-1625

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Speaker: Jamie Madden

This talk will outline the 10 most common mistakes businesses make when launching their own multi-vendor marketplaces. These are not just technical mistakes but also business mistakes. These mistakes have been gathered from over five years of experience in leading the development of the WC Vendors Marketplace plugin. Some of these mistakes also apply to your standard ecommerce stores and the solutions provided apply to both.

About the speaker

Jamie is the lead developer and founder of the WC Vendors Marketplace plugin and director of our parent company Red Panda Ventures. He is the co-organiser of Saigon WordPress Meetup in Vietnam. Jamie has been a WordPress user and developer since the early days of B2 Evolution. He has utilised WordPress for all levels of solutions including basic websites, blogs, e-commerce, auctions sites, marketplaces, help desk systems and more.

Jamie has extensive experience developing on the WordPress platform. He has been a systems administrator, support specialist and developer working with all levels of online technologies with over 20 years of experience. Jamie has founded and run several companies in the last 15 years. Outside of the IT world, Jamie spends his time scuba diving and capturing underwater stock footage. If he’s not under the water, he’s tending to his new garden or planning his next trip to the mountains to go snowboarding.

Event Page: https://2019.singapore.wordcamp.org/sessions/#wcorg-session-1369

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Speaker: Seiji Akatsuka

When is your site not built with the JAMstack? Is it a site built with a server-side CMS like WordPress? No, I’d like to share some idea about front end and back end to bring JAMstack to the world’s most popular CMS.

About the speaker

Seiji Akatsuka is a member of WordCamp Tokyo 2019, an organizer of AWS APAC User Community and AWS Samurai 2016. He is very interested in developing the tech community in APAC Area.

Event Page: https://2019.singapore.wordcamp.org/sessions/#wcorg-session-1127

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Speaker: Ian Labao

A detailed run through how you can fully utilize WordPress as a headless CMS with a demo on how it all works.

About the speaker

IT Geek, Enthusiast and Developer. An experienced and ambitious software consultant/engineer looking for challenging roles in the IT industry with expertise in working with the latest technologies in diverse types of projects.

Event Page: https://2019.singapore.wordcamp.org/sessions/#wcorg-session-1072

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Speaker: Haley Brown

The freelance work/life balance is a bit challenging to get right. Having the freedom to work at home (or anywhere) is a major perk for freelancers. But because you’re the boss, you’re always driven to check your emails even on weekends or work until late at night to crunch numbers and keep the money rolling in. Work can become an overwhelming presence in your personal life and you suddenly feel like you’re always “working”.

There are strategies you can employ to avoid business burnout and create work/life balance, which includes setting boundaries between work and personal life, creating processes and delegating work.

In this talk, you will learn different ways on how to manage a healthy work/life balance and relieve the stress of self-employment while ensuring a recurring income.

About the speaker

Haley is the straight-shooting head honcho of Brand Shack. A guru in all things design and project management on a mission to create the perfect work-life balance

As a first time mum she has managed to take 6 months leave whilst her business continued to manage clients needs and bring in a consistent income.

When she’s not busy designing or working with clients, she loves nothing more than travelling the globe on her quest to find the perfect pina colada.

Event Page: https://2019.singapore.wordcamp.org/sessions/#wcorg-session-1339

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Getting more done in less time – introducing WordPress automation using Ansible

Speaker: Ivan Yordanov

When you are creating and managing WordPress sites for living, regardless if you are a freelancer or working for an agency, it’s always great to see your customer base increasing. This however, leads to the question – what happens when you start struggling with the time for managing all of your client’s sites? The answer is actually pretty simple – automation.

Automation has become an important part of all departments in the IT sphere. No matter if you are a developer, DevOps or system administrator, it is critical for your time management to be able to complete the tasks you work on as fast as possible with minimum manual work.

Nowadays there are quite a lot tools for WordPress provisioning, management and code versioning, but wouldn’t be cool if you can do all of these things with the help of a single powerful software? I definitely think it is, that’s why I’d like to share with the audience how this can be achieved.

The talk will cover the following topics:

1. What is Ansible – how is it working, basics and general information.
2. Why Ansible will make your life easier – use cases and examples of how WordPress developers can benefit from it
3. How to start automating your WP site management process
4. Practical examples and suggestions for automating tasks related to WordPress sites management

About the speaker

Ivan Yordanov is providing infrastructure and application support to the SiteGround enterprise clients. He has helped with the launch and has been involved in the maintenance of many complex multi-server infrastructures for big WordPress projects. Ansible automation helps Ivan to manage both hosting infrastructures and multiple WordPress applications quickly and efficiently, allowing him to optimize the workflow and the time management of his day-to-day tasks.

Event Page: https://2019.singapore.wordcamp.org/sessions/#wcorg-session-1064

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