Service Brokers Deep Dive - DevOps Singapore

Published on: Friday, 9 September 2016

Speaker: Sergiu Bodiu

Almost all applications depend on some external services like a database or third party components. In traditional development, we bind those components to an application using property files and store it outside the deployable, so that it can be modified whenever required without affecting the running application code.

Cloud Foundry therefore uses service brokers, through which developers can provision and bind a particular service to an application. Service brokers can be used to define the relationship between the application and services like databases. This permits loose coupling between an app and a service.

CF Service Broker Integration - How to build an external service broker

The sample application in this project has been configured to bind to an Amazon S3 Service Broker instance on Cloud Foundry. To deploy this application to Cloud Foundry and use Amazon S3 as an auto-configured service binding.

Sergiu Bodiu is responsible for helping the region’s most strategic customers successfully implement technology and process for cloud and “3rd Platform” services. He is very passionate about open source and is a key contributor to the Spring community. More recently Sergiu has been focusing on platform-as-a-service for the cloud generation of apps whereby he has played a lead role in Asia Pacific and Japan in bringing Pivotal Cloud Foundry to market.

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