Leveraging Swift's Type System - iOS Conf SG 2016

Published on: Sunday, 23 October 2016

Speaker: Benjamin Encz (@benjaminencz), PlanGrid

One of the most remarkable qualities of Swift, compared to Objective-C, is its powerful type system. Swift developers have quickly accustomed themselves to the benefits of safer, more expressive APIs.

However, many of us don’t leverage the type system as much as we could. Types can help us eliminate duplicate code, build APIs that are easy to comprehend and even verify a significant portion of our program’s behavior.

This talk will explore how we can leverage the power of Swift’s type system in two broad categories:

1. Program Verification with Types, including a brief discussion on Types vs. Tests
2. Code Sharing with Types, via Protocols & Generics

We will discuss how these ideas can be applied in practice by including examples from a production app with a large code base.

About the speaker

Benjamin is the iOS Lead Developer at PlanGrid in San Francisco. He has worked in the Apple ecosystem since 2011 on a variety of projects, ranging from enterprise software to mobile games. He is the creator of multiple Swift open source libraries such as ReSwift and Validated. He enjoys exploring new ways of making software more reliable and programming more enjoyable.

Event URL: http://iosconf.sg/

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