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Published on: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Speaker: Dan Burnett,

The early WebRTC startups have all been acquired, the standard is close to wrapping up (for version 1.0 at least), WebRTC support in some form is in every existing telecom platform, and the technology has made its way into well-known consumer products such as Amazon Mayday and FaceBook Video and Voice Chat. But while conference attendance has been dwindling, I still hear the same questions: “but how do I get started?” and “where should I go if I need help?”. is the beginning of a broader project dedicated to those who are excited by the thought of what can be accomplished using real-time communications technologies such as WebRTC, to those who have the beginnings of a dream but no idea where to start or where to go for more help. Do we intend to replace any/all of the existing related sites? Not at all. In fact, we are happy to point our readers to whatever resources they need. That’s why we seek out articles by and interviews of those in this industry who are the experts, those who consult, those who provide products that might meet our readers’ needs. But always, always, always with a focus on explaining in detail why what they offer matters.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Burnett has almost 20 years of experience in Web and Internet standards. As Principal for StandardsPlay, his consulting firm, Dan helps companies play the standards game, both advising clients in how they can strengthen their brand and market positions through standards leadership and representing them directly in organizations such as W3C and the IETF when appropriate.

Dan's introduction to standards came while a researcher in automatic speech recognition technology at Nuance, well-known worldwide for its voice recognition technology. Beginning when the World Wide Web Consortium, the organization responsible for HTML, was only 5 years old, Dan co-created VoiceXML, the still-reigning standard for Interactive Voice Response systems, receiving two Speech Luminary awards from SpeechTech magazine for his contributions to the industry. Through roles at Vocalocity, Voxeo, Tropo, and Aspect, Dan continued to lead in the development of VoiceXML and its related SRGS, SSML, SISR, and other standards.

While at Voxeo, Tropo, and Aspect, Dan's standards focus gradually added and then transitioned to the development of WebRTC, the JavaScript APIs in major web browsers that provide plugin-free audio, video, and real-time peer-to-peer communications. Dan is the initial and longest-running editor of the W3C's WebRTC and Media Capture and Streams standards specifications. A frequent speaker at conferences, Dan is also co-author of the most popular book on WebRTC.

Dan's newest project is the nascent work on Verifiable Claims at W3C, a broadly-backed effort to standardize self-sovereign, cryptographically-verifiable claims/credentials/attestations that can fully replace the need for centralized digital identifiers online. A past Board member of the VoiceXML Forum, Dan is currently serving as a Director of the IEEE-ISTO. Dan has also recently started, a site dedicated to the real-time communications industry.

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