Creative Text Effects with CSS - Talk.CSS #24 max-content Edition

Published on: Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Speaker: Mandy Michael, @mandy_kerr

Interesting and impactful text is often deemed a “print only option”. But we can have those effects now with real web text.

So let’s have some fun with text! In this talk, Mandy will show you how to make effects with accessible, searchable, and selectable text (Without the need for complicated markup or JavaScript).

We’ll explore a variety of techniques including pseudo elements, clip-path, blend modes, gradients, transforms, variable fonts and more to create interesting headings, layouts and even emojis.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the power of CSS but there is a lot you can do with a little creativity.

About the Speaker:

Mandy is the Front End Development Manager at Seven West Media in Western Australia. Previously, she has worked as Head of Front End Development at The Brand Agency and also as a Digital Project Manager. She is a lover of CSS and Batman and blogs about her adventures in geek fashion.

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