JSON data structure – the hidden gem inside your database engine - PHPConf.Asia 2018

Published on: Thursday, 4 October 2018

Speaker: Mizanur Rahman, Telenor Health A/S

We are very much obsessed or bound to use a fixed structural database design for our projects. The traditional column based table design along with normalization makes our life crippled within lots of tables and joins. The BLOB was there but was not flexible enough to be used everywhere. JSON is one of the most used structure for data transmission from one service to another and also storing in the database. It gives flexibility to store a structure data as a JSON object and performs operation on the JSON object through queries. Many developers are not aware of this great gem inside their database engine and end up creating larger tables with lots of columns or many tables to keep the database normalized. In this talk I want to focus on JSON data structure and PostgreSQL support for it. From my professional experience of scaling service for 20 million users and millions of records every day, I want to share the experience and how you can we work with it with a practical demo.

About the speaker
I am Mizanur Rahman, a PHP fanatic who loves to dig deeper in PHP and related technologies. Working in different web technologies for last 17 years and still learning new technologies. I work for Telenor Health, a norway based digital healthcare platform focusing on healthcare for all specially those below poverty line. I am currently playing the role of Head of Engineering and building efficient, scalable and secure micro-services for our millions of subscribers. In daily life i love solving problems and prepare future proof architecture and solutions. I am an agilist in practice and a technology evangelist for Scrum. I am administrator of largest PHP group in Asia, PHPXperts with more than 25000 members and running the group for last 14 years. I am also administrator of groups like Laravel Bangladesh, Agile Bangladesh and Go lang Bangladesh.

I have published 3 books from Pack publishing and my recent one was "PHP 7 data structures and algorithms". I am an international tech speaker and spoken in many international scrum and developers events in both Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh.

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