A Gentle Introduction to Deep Learning - Singapore Python User Group

Published on: Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Speaker: Gabe Hollombe

Getting started with deep learning can feel really intimidating. In this session I'll dive right in to explaining the basic concepts of deep learning with barely any jargon and a small amount of arithmetic. We'll see how easy it is to take an existing pre-trained general-purpose image classification model from the cloud and re-train it to identify objects that we want the computer to recognize. I'll show how to do all of this with python, using a Jupyter notebook hosted from Amazon Sagemaker (a service from AWS that makes it easy to develop, train, and deploy deep-learning models in the cloud). Finally, we'll finish up with a review of where to continue learning more.

Gabe Hollombe is a software developer and Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, where he has the best job ever: staying current on cloud computing best-practices and services, learning how customers are innovating on AWS, building exciting demos, and sharing his knowledge and passion with the world. Gabe has over 15 years of experience building robust, scalable, and well-tested systems across a variety of industries. From on-demand online tutoring, to large-scale federated identity and user management systems, to data processing workflows for a constellation of nano-satellites, Gabe has been building on AWS since 2009. These days Gabe is most excited about serverless, mobile web, and AI/ML topics. Away from the screen and stage he enjoys making bad puns, playing board games, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and French bulldog.

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/Singapore-Python-User-Group/events/259116507/

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Recorded by: Michael Cheng

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