Cleaning up the Data Economy - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Barkha Jasani (Quadrant)

Barkha is an accomplished IT professional with over a decade of experience in multiple facets of IT –
Full Stack Engineering, Architecting Solutions, DevOps, and most recently Blockchain. Based in Singapore, she is currently Director of Engineering at Quadrant, a data platform using blockchain to offer cutting-edge verification and mapping solutions to organisations.

Cleaning up the Data Economy

Data has emerged as a crucial feedstock for the world economy, yet the Data Supply Chain lacks transparency and trust – technology can fix this

Like oil in the last century, data is now the fuel powering our lives and economies. While oil drives our cars and planes, data powers all sorts of online experiences from shared transport services and online shopping to stock markets, and as data has grown in importance, a new Data Economy has risen centred on the extracting, refining, valuing, purchasing and selling of data. As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves and everything from toilet seats to toasters become sources of data, this economy will only grow in size and importance.

Yet, despite being worth over a quarter of a trillion USD by 2020, the Data Economy is opaque and lacks transparency. Few people understand the myriad of middlemen and data aggregators who sell data to companies – many of whom are household brand names – and even fewer people realise that these same middlemen often refuse to show where they sourced their data from. This happens for a number of reasons, both malicious and non-malicious, data could be replicated, stolen, false, damaged or forged, or they simply want to protect their own sources. The result, though, is companies and governments spending millions of dollars, and making decisions based on data that could well be inaccurate.

Technology has created this situation, and technology exists to solve it. Barkha Jasani,Director of Engineering at Quadrant is able to expand on the above, as well as discuss:

• The Data Economy, how it works, its importance to the economy and our everyday lives

• How technology is able to authenticate data, generating more trust and accuracy and making data more accessible

• How a lack of transparency in the Data Economy will lead to more regulations, overly affecting SMEs

• Quadrant’s own data authentication technology, how it promises to guarantee data provenance and democratise the Data Supply Chain

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