Webassembly: A Gentle Introduction - Junior Developers Singapore

Published on: Friday, 13 September 2019

Speaker: Seah Chin Ying

Webassembly : A Gentle Introduction

# Talk Description:
WebAssembly has been gaining increasing popularity since its inception, and is supported in most major browsers today. I made my first foray into WebAssembly a couple of months ago, and wish to share my learnings with everyone. In this talk I'll be walking through what WebAssembly is, its use cases, what it's good at, and its limitations. I'll also speak of my experience at attempting to port one of our older products to WebAssembly.

# Bio:
Chin Ying is a software engineer at Open Government Products. He maintains (1) data.gov.sg - an open repository for government data. (2) Beeline - a marketplace for crowdsourced bus services. (3) Vault - an internal government repository for data discovery and distribution.
He is a self taught web developer and believes in continuous learning.


Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/Junior-Developers-Singapore/events/264455252/

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Recorded by: Michael

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