Avoiding Gotchas in Go Runtime Behaviors

Published on: Thursday, 28 October 2021

00:00 Topic Introduction
01:26 Will it halt?
13:00 Guess the RSS
22:09 Is it a race?
27:22 Shadows
30:53 Finalisers
37:07 Q1 Objects means any variable, correct?
37:38 Q2 Are these like memory leaks like we have in C?
38:34 Q3 As someone starting with out with Go, what would you recommend to build?
40:00 Q4 What sort of topics and concepts to focus on?
40:51 Q5 How to know what is the right number of CPU cores we should assign to our application to provide the best performance?

This event is brought to you by Go Singapore. GoSG is a meetup for the Go programming enthusiasts in Singapore.

Names: Dian Bakti (Software Developer, Acronis)
Topic: Avoiding Gotchas in Go Runtime Behaviors

Go is often perceived as a simple language, but there still could be “interesting” behaviors in this language (ranging from how the language is designed to Go runtime behaviors itself)

Here we want to share interesting stuff we found from Go, some are from real life experiences (read: bugs), some are encountered while digging through documentations, GitHub issues or tech talks by others.

The hope is we could avoid doing the same mistakes in the future, share some good practices with each other, or simply just to appreciate the design behind the language.

Dian is a Senior Software Developer in Acronis Search Engines team.


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