Go Back to Basic

Published on: Thursday, 28 October 2021

00:00:00 Topic Introduction
00:01:53 Primitive Types
00:15:22 Composite Types: Array
00:17:10 Composite Types: Slices
00:23:37 Composite Types: Maps
00:24:51 Composite Types: Struct
00:27:00 Blocks, Shadows, and Control Structures
00:27:04 Blocks
00:29:54 If
00:31:28 for Four ways
00:32:37 Switch
00:35:03 Functions
00:36:13 Function Type Declarations
00:36:39 Closure
00:38:46 Functions returns functions
00:31:28 Defer Using Closure
00:40:27 Pointers
00:41:25 Types, Methods, and Interfaces
00:48:05 Interface
00:51:55 Types of Assertion
00:54:52 Recursion
00:59:19 Divide and Conquer
01:02:51 Quicksort

This event is brought to you by Go Singapore. GoSG is a meetup for the Go programming enthusiasts in Singapore.

Names: Bilal Muhammad (Integration Chapter Leader, BTPN Syariah)
Topic: Go Back to Basic

Bilal will talk about the basic concepts and building blocks in Go and programming in general.

He is working as Integration Chapter Leader in BTPN Syariah. He was formerly software engineer at Kudo (Grabkiosk) and Tokopedia.


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