Who owns my notebook? or why I want to run coreboot on every device - FOSSASIA 2016

Published on: Saturday, 9 April 2016

Speaker: Alexander Couzens (freelancer)

Talk of 20 minutes

Who controls the hardware own's the hardware! Vendors taking more and more power of our devices with no return for us - the end user. They want to decide what software it runs on the hardware they sell to us. Why? Because of security. Security means to prevent the user from owning the device and gives the vendor more power to feel good. This security also restricts the usage of hardware to a certain use case. The open source world has shown there are a lot more use cases than advertised with any given hardware. The talk also gives a short overview of coreboot and how coreboot can solve some problems.

About Alexander Couzens:

I'm an open source developer doing low level delelopment like OpenWrt and coreboot.

Event Page: http://2016.fossasia.org/schedule/#ISC-02

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