Adoption of open standards and FLOS Software in the public sector - FOSSASIA 2016

Published on: Saturday, 9 April 2016

Speaker: Norvan Vogt (Queensland Health)

Workshop of 1 hour

Organisational budgets are shrinking and stakeholders are putting increasing pressure on public sector organisations to be efficient without jeopardising service delivery. There is a multitude of ways to share and reuse software amongst organisations and the public sector employs (and has employed) a variety of different approaches. This session will specifically focus on open source software and the factors influencing the adoption of open source software within public sector organisations. The primary objective of the session is to explore open source software benefits for public sector organisations, discuss the current state of adoption, and review the motivators and a-motivators affecting adoption. A secondary objective of the session is to investigate where organisations are utilising open source software and whether organisations consider open source software as a means of achieving business goals.

About Norvan Vogt:

Norvan is passionate about open source technology and using ICT to make a difference in the world. At age 18, Norvan co-founded an open source software company in Canberra. In 2004, he was responsible for leading the campaign that concluded with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) legislative assembly changing legislation, where they are preferencing open source software during procurement. Furthermore, Norvan has spent at least five years working internationally on ICT projects, creating open source solutions through community development methodologies, for the United Nations, AusAID and the World Bank, in Vanuatu, Cambodia and Guatemala. Norvan has served in a range of high level advisory roles, such as the Prime Minister’s Youth Roundtable, Defence Reserves Support Council and the United Nations International Symposium on Volunteering. He is currently employed by Townsville Hospital as the Chief Information Officer for the health district and is also studying a PhD part-time at James Cook University.

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