10 Features your Developers are missing when 'Stuck' with proprietary database! - FOSSAsia 2015

Published on: Sunday, 15 March 2015

Speaker: Sameer Kumar, Ashnik Pte Ltd

Database is core of any enterprise project. Be it the solution which a
bank relies on for daily transactions or be the software which helps
your mobile operator track your usage and send you a bill. Every
application needs a data store and that is why every developer
sooner or later has to be exposed to databases. I have seen mostly
when I talk to developers about a database or relational database
there are a few or rather just a name that would pop-up in their head.
Proprietary databases have become so much a synonym to the term
"RDBMS" that developer today hardly know about any other
database. In this talk I will discuss about 10 such great features which
your developers are missing if they are still stuck with Proprietary
Database. I will be discussing 10 awesome features of PostgreSQLWorlds
most Advanced Open Source Database.

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