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Speaker: Ishara Karunarathna

In API Craft Singapore’s July meetup, you will learn:
- Service mesh approaches to managing microservices architecture
- How service meshes and API management need to co-exist
- How to integrate API management with Istio service mesh
- How to securely expose APIs from the Istio
- A live example demo

In a world of disaggregated API-based architectures, developers are increasingly adopting microservices — and Service Mesh is being used to control many service-to-service communications. But securely communicating and governing between such services is becoming a key challenge. To make matters more complicated, multiple implementations of service meshes exist today, and none of them address the concern of how the exploding number of APIs can be exposed in a controlled and secure manner to their API consumers.
In this presentation, WSO2’s Senior Technical Lead, Ishara Karunarathna, will discuss how to augment service mesh functionality with API management capabilities, so you can create an end-to-end solution for your entire business functionality — from microservices, to APIs, to end-user applications.

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/API-Craft-Singapore/events/263087209/

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A meetup group for people who design and build and test APIs - We <3 APIs!

Discover what other professionals in Singapore are using to build real-world REST / Web APIs to drive their business. We are the Singapore chapter of the larger API Craft Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/api-craft). Be sure to check out API Craft on Google Groups to collaborate with other API craftspeople around the world!

Topics for meetups include:

1. API Design - what makes a good API and what makes a bad API

2. The API development process - spec, dev, test and documentation

3. Future direction of APIs - new developments such as GraphQL

4. The business of APIs - metrics and business models

5. Your topic!

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