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Speaker: SengJoo Lim, Solutions Engineer at Talend

Join Talend as they bring you a deep, technical discussion on the real-world data science that underlies modern data-driven organization. Working from weblog data collected and real time-streaming data, and using tools that you can use yourself, Talend will walk through the process of building an analytics package, using Spark and Kafka to collect real-time instrumentation data and produce meaningful results in minutes.

About the speaker:

A Solutions Engineer at Talend, SengJoo brings over 16 years of diverse experience in pre/post sales solution architecting, customer/partners engagement, programme/project management and service delivery with specialization in new business demand creation especially cloud adoption, various technology consultation, programme development, project implementation and operation management. SengJoo has extensive knowledge on Data Integration, Application Integration, Data Quality, Cloud Integration and Big Data Integration.

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Also see our sister group DataScience.SG. DataScience.SG focuses on the math, statistics, algorithms and processes for analyzing data.

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