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Speaker: Sreenivsul­u Reddy

Application security champion is first line defense for applications. ASC helps build team with next generation developers by equipping them with skills necessary to develop resilient and secure applications. This session will explain how developers understand software security threats, security scanning and remediation vulnerabilities within their applications and make it part of Continuous Integration

About the speaker:
Sreeni is certified scrum developer and Application Security Champion. He is passionate about Application Security and right now working on developing applications and implementing Security as part of SDLC within his team.

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Break down the barriers between development, operations and security.


DevSecOps Singapore is an open platform for discussion & knowledge sharing. By bringing together developers, testers, architects, sysadmins and security folks we explore proven and novel ways to put security into DevOps and build it into the SDLC, end-to-end.



• How are you doing DevOps and what are your challenges with integrating security?
• How are others using DevSecOps successfully?
• How are you using DevSecOps successfully here in Singapore?
• What are some of the leading DevSecOps companies, such as Netflix, Twitter and Pearson doing.


• Topic board for interesting topics and everyone can vote.

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