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Speaker: Thomas Dullien (@halvarflake)

Who wouldn't know about Halvar Flake in security ?

Halvar Flake / Thomas Dullien has been working in reverse engineering and computer security / vulnerability developmentfor close to 18 years. He has repeatedly contributed innovative research - ranging from heap exploitation over patch diffingto automated malware analysis, large scale malware clustering, to innovative exploitation of physical phenomena in DRAMchips. He founded zynamics in 2004 - a company specializing in reverse engineering tools - which was acquired by Googlein 2011. He spent 4.5 years at Google and is currently taking a year of break from everything to travel, read, and surf.

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null is one of the largest open security community and we now have a Singapore chapter.

null is an open, inclusive, responsible, and most importantly a completely volunteer driven community. Our aim is not only to spread information security awareness, but also to learn from other members of the community. The activities such as null Monthly Meets, null Humla, null Bachaav, null Puliya, null Job Portal are aimed towards the same cause.

Null Singapore chapter started on feb 2015 with monthly meet and will include other activities with time. In the spirit of true community involvement, you are invited to propose topics you would like to talk about, or listen others speak upon.

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