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Speaker: Julien de Salaberry

Julien is the founder of The Propell Group and has over 15 years of experience in healthcare with leading brands such as Eli Lilly, Boston Scientific, Baxter, GSK, and Merck & Co. He is also an advisor to startups and incubators in healthcare & technology in emerging high growth markets, as well as being a private investor in early stage and promising SMEs. He has recently co-written iDisrupted (published Nov 2014), which focuses on creating an understanding of the significant technological changes that are just beginning to reshape our daily lives. He is also, together with his partners, currently launching HealthStartups Asia, which aims to create greater momentum in the Asia healthtech space by raising the visibility of exciting new startups which have set out to transform health services by leveraging digital technology in the Asia-Pacific markets. Julien will provide a deeper look into the digital health space, in particular how sensors, algorithms and data are transforming healthcare.

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