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Speaker: Ben Bowes, Pivotal Labs Singapore

But it’s not entirely your fault. There are lots of reasons why human beings are terrible listeners including learned behaviours, mental limitations and emotional biases. As we move into a noisier and noisier future, learning to listen might just save us all. In this session, we’ll explore the different reasons why we’re such bad listeners and what we can do about it in order to improve one of our critical soft skills – listening.

Event Page: https://uxsea.org/summit-2018/

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The Mission of UXSEA Society is to build and add value to the people of SouthEast Asia region in an Inclusive manner. The Society is non-profit.

SouthEast Asia is diverse, young, vibrant and different in some aspects than from other geographies like the North America, UK and the EU. The awareness about User Experience is still growing here. People in SEA typically have larger income gaps, are more Visual and love multimedia.

The UXSEA Society would organize yearly UX events in different countries across SouthEast Asia to help strengthen User Experience awareness and practice across Businesses, UX professionals and Academia in countries of South East Asia.

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