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UX research helps us better understand our users’ behaviours, needs, and motivations. Have you ever wondered how a user interview is conducted? Are you currently in a role where you need to conduct user interviews, but are unsure where to start?

This deep-dive workshop will cover the how-tos of a user interview: pre-interview planning, what happens during an interview, post-interview analysis and synthesis. By attending this workshop, participants will learn how to:

Determine interview objectives and map the right questions to test designs. Recruit participants and handle the relevant logistical work. Prepare for and facilitate an interview session. Analyse the findings and structure your synthesised insights into a coherent research report.

Outline of the workshop:

- Introduction to UX research.
- Plan the user interview.
- Identify the topic.
- User recruitment.
- 5 act interview.
- Group exercise: Come up with objectives and questions. (with post-its)
- Review questions.
- Conduct the interview.
- Logistic and preparation.
- Activity: Conducting the interview.
- Observation notes.
- Synthesise, analyse, and report the findings.
- Clean up the raw data.
- Report structure.


Lim Shiyun, Researcher @ SP Digital

Shiyun is a researcher leading user discovery for commercial and industrial projects in SP Digital. She has a strong love for business software, and worked several years as a business software designer before this. In her spare time, she conducts a design class for engineering undergraduate students at her alma mater.


Naning Utoyo, Researcher @ SP Digital

Naning is leading the qualitative research process for consumer products in SP Digital. Previously she build inventory management software as a product person for 2 years. She also worked in advertising and marketing industry for 4 years helping regional clients in building digital strategies and campaigns. Naning has passion in representing the user point of view and an intense curiosity about why people do what they do.


Event Page: https://uxsea.org/summit-2019

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The Mission of UXSEA Society is to build and add value to the people of SouthEast Asia region in an Inclusive manner. The Society is non-profit.

SouthEast Asia is diverse, young, vibrant and different in some aspects than from other geographies like the North America, UK and the EU. The awareness about User Experience is still growing here. People in SEA typically have larger income gaps, are more Visual and love multimedia.

The UXSEA Society would organize yearly UX events in different countries across SouthEast Asia to help strengthen User Experience awareness and practice across Businesses, UX professionals and Academia in countries of South East Asia.

Bookmark http://uxsea.info/ and pre-register for UX Events!

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