Presenter: Atreya Biswas

Data Scientist for Pocketmath

I am Atreya currently working as a Data Scientist for Pocketmath, a Digital Advertisement buying platform with Real Time Bidding. In my day to day life I have to process TBs of data using Hadoop, Spark and apply machine learning techniques. Prior to joining Pocketmath I was pursuing my Master's in Enterprise Business Analytics from national University Of Singapore and also working as a Machine Learning Associate with Newcleus, a CRM Data Analytics Platform. At Newcleus, I have been responsible to productise a Machine Learning platform which ingests CRM data from Salesforce, apply cleaning and Machine Learning. Further my final year thesis was in association with Dailymotion, a video platform for web and mobile. At Dailymotion I was exposed to the world of Natural Language Processing and Text Mining on Twitter data to improve their existing recommendation system using Twitter trending topics. I have an experience of 2 years with SAP Labs in the Research and Development team creating Enterprise Applications in the Mobile and Big Data Space. I have been using Python now for almost 2.5 years for data analysis and backend development. Some of the libraries which I use in my day to day task are - numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn, luigi, hyperopt, flask etc.

Apart from work and technology I am a Football aficionado, love travelling to new places, read comics and an amateur wine connoisseur.


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