Presenter: Becky Winant

Partner, Facilitator @ Transformational Imaging

I have been a software programmer, marketing representative, business owner, consultant, seminar designer and leader, architect and facilitator. Over the years I have been drawn to places and people with an interesting edge - where the ideas are compelling and invigorating. I came by way of being an art student who discovered the principles of design alive in computing and software. A path through software development also led me through a decade of studying Satir models and Weinberg principles that sum up my work to date: Technology is easy to understand compared to the people who build it, want it, fund it and use it. Having been through many years of introducing models, eliciting requirements, and crafting new processes, I continue to learn how people and organizations resist, accept, reject or even become comfortable with change. My focus is finding opportunities and options to achieve stated goals.


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