Presenter: Marc-Andre Langlais

Integral facilitator, speaker and executive coach @ epicoaching

As an experienced coach Marc has intentionally adopted a way of life that puts him in the service of others. He believes that people have the power to invite change even in the most challenging situations. His practice is based on Integral Coaching that provokes emerging perspectives that propel individuals to higher levels of performance, increased presence and acting out of intentionality.

Marc has over 15 years of coaching experience throughout various domains such as sports, education and the corporate world. He is a trained Integral coach and facilitator and has had the opportunity to work with international companies such as Global Crossing and IBM. His experience in sports coaching has allowed him to bring different perspectives to the corporate world and achieve amazing results. He has incorporated a self-development aspect in his sports programs and as such the teams have achieved unprecedented results.

Marc is a challenging coach that values compassion, curiosity and empathy.

“Helping others challenge their recurrent schema is what I find extreme motivating. The day they are able and willing to overcome their perspectives is a day of celebration for all. Not just my client, but for the people in his life and around him as well!”

Marc is a software developer that has moved on to leading and coaching people and teams. His background as a developer has allowed him to appreciate team work, efficiency and success.

As a team lead he has been defined in making others around him shine and succeed in attaining their goals and objectives.

Marc inspires a calm strength and intentional being in his coaching practice. He is committed to the development of his clients’ intentions and objectives.


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