Presenter: Tuan Q. Phan

Dr. Phan is currently an Assistant Professor at NUS in the Department of Information System. His research brings together social sciences, computer science, and statistics to investigate social networks, social media, Big Data, product diffusion, word-of-mouth, and web and mobile commerce. He has looked at a number of topics related to online and offline social networks such as the effects of natural disasters on human social networks, how individuals react to privacy changes, how some individuals become influential, and how firms can leverage social media.

Before going for his graduate studies, he has also started a company providing 3-D computer graphics for mobile devices. He continues to be consult for a number of firms dealing with Big Data issues in marketing and advertising, retail and e-commerce, IT, publishing, logistics, healthcare and consumer finance. He is currently the co-founder for Key Insights which provides privacy-preserving analytics solutions for retailers, telecom, and healthcare industries.

He has also been in the top 100 competitive ballroom dancer in the world, and top 10 dancer in the USA. Dr. Phan likes to build robots and tinker with technology in his spare time.

He holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Science from MIT in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering with concentrations in business and economics.


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