2FA, WTF? - PyCon SG 2019

Published on: Monday, 11 November 2019

Speaker: Phil Nash, Developer evangelist, Twilio

Everyone is hacking everything. Everything is vulnerable. Your site, your users, even you. Are you worried about this? You should be! Don't worry, I'm not trying to scare you (that much). We have plenty of safeguards against attempts on our applications' user data. We all (hopefully) recognise Two Factor Auth as one of those safeguards, but what actually goes on under the hood of 2FA? We'll take a look into generating one time passwords, implementing 2FA in Python web applications and the only real life compelling use case for QR codes. Together, we'll make the web a more secure place.

About the speaker:

Phil is a developer evangelist for Twilio and a Google Developer Expert. He's been in the web industry for more than 10 years building applications and integrating APIs. He can be found hanging out at meetups and conferences, playing with new technologies, or writing open source code. Phil tweets at @philnash and you can find him elsewhere online at https://philna.sh.

Event Page: https://pycon.sg/

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