5 Tips To Optimise WordPress To Be Faster and More Secure - WordCamp Singapore 2016

Published on: Monday, 12 September 2016

Speaker: Rui Hang Foo

There are many WordPress sites are powered by Vodien, and we are gonna share some insights, such as common traps like unoptimised themes and plugins causing site slowdowns and hacks.

We will also share why its important to work with a web developer or a reputable theme publisher for your website. Furthermore, we will provide our recommendations on a few plugins that cover different aspects, such as for security and speed.

About the speaker:

Rui Hang Foo is the Digital Marketer of Vodien Internet Solutions, which provides managed cloud hosting solutions for businesses across the region. WordPress is a huge part of Vodien’s customers; with over 34% of Vodien’s customers running WordPress.

Rui Hang has knowledge and experience with using and optimising WordPress for blogs and websites. He takes joy in experimenting with various plugins and configurations, and advocates the use of WordPress for businesses or individuals to create their very own online presence.

Event Page: https://2016.singapore.wordcamp.org/

Produced by Engineers.SG

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