7 Habits to Build Ethical AI | Teradata

Published on: Thursday, 25 July 2019

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While AI is being applied to solving great problems of the world, it is subjected to questions regarding the morality of how it is constructed and used. Karthik Thirumalai addresses the 7 habits that are key to building ethical AI solutions which can be put to use for a better world. These habits cover Data Governance, Fairness, Privacy, Security, Accountability, Transparency and Education, all of which can help organizations successfully implement their AI strategy in a way that reflects fundamental human principles and moral values.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Why do we need Ethical AI?

2. What factors should one keep in mind while building AI systems?

3. How do I remove bias in AI systems?

4. What checklist should I follow to have a trustable AI system?


Karthik Bharadwaj Thirumalai is a Senior Data Scientist at Teradata. He is an analytic professional with expertise in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence coupled with strategic vision and experience in leading and building analytic teams. He is keen in solving business problems using data science and changing the world with AI.

Prior to that he was solving transportation problems with IBM Smart City Research in Singapore. He has a master’s degree from the National University of Singapore.

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