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Published on: Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Speaker: Ian Tan

Full Title: Acoustics for your home + Getting the best sound out of your hifi/ home theatre room/ home recording studio

Part I
Keeping noise out of your home and bust the myths of soundproofing: Have you ever wondered why you can hear your neighbours? Feeling frustrated when your neighbour complains of your TV/ movies or gaming being too loud?

Part II
Common evaluation criteria for acoustics: How do professionals measure sound isolation as well as sound quality? What are the standards used?

Part III
Improve the sound quality of your hifi/ home theatre sound system: Wondered why the expensive speakers you bought didn't sound the same as when you listened at the showroom? Your friend's cheap speakers actually sound better than your expensive ones?

Ian Tan
After being offered his first job as a professional sound engineer at the age of 18, Ian built his first professional recording studio at the age of 22, utilizing advanced concepts of acoustic and AV systems design which are ahead of his time. He went on to build professional recording studios and hifi rooms for others, honing his skills in the control of sound transmission between rooms and the acoustical quality of the room itself.

Later on, he co-pioneered a new mastering technology called FINEDISC with renowned audiophile specialist Mr. Joe Lee that rivaled industry leader JVC’s XRCD. After completing his musical studies in Jazz keyboards, he worked in Tampa Bay, Florida (USA) for 6 years as a performer, educator and sound consultant/ engineer.

To further his knowledge and skills, he studied under the wing of renowned acoustic consultant, Dr. Octavio Inacio (Portugal), familiarizing himself with both US and European standards for room acoustics.

Known for his problem-solving abilities, he has resolved many difficult acoustical problems that most acousticians could not. Over his 15 years of experience in sound, ian currently holds a perfect record in terms of customer satisfaction and all his projects has achieved high acoustical standards. With a strong passion for sound and strong belief in the importance of good acoustics, he is dedicated to push the local standards in Singapore further to match those in US and Europe.

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