Agile Engineering Fluency - Agile Singapore Conference 2016

Published on: Monday, 17 October 2016

Speaker: Arlo Belshee (@arlobelshee), Development Practices Coach @ Tableau

Every team is different. But there are patterns.

Do you want to ship your product 50 times per day? What about zero-bug development at low cost? Or live without technical debt? Or learn development skills 25 times faster than industry average? Or base product decisions on real customer data and run low-cost experiments?

Each of these capabilities is delivered by a well-known technique. However, people doing these techniques often fail to get the desired result. There's a reason: each practice can be done in many different ways, each of which requires different supporting practices. People sloppily lump these very different practices under the same name. For example, I've identified 9 completely different practices that people all call "TDD," and 14 meanings of refactoring.

In this session, we will explore an engineering practices dependency graph. While each team has a different context, this graph shows their common patterns. Using it, you can identify your team's actual current state, set goals, and chart out a roadmap to get there.

About the speaker

Arlo helps you change cultures in large organizations. He transitions hundreds or thousands of people at a time to full technical and cultural prowess in a way that sticks.

More importantly, Arlo gives your company the ability to change its own culture. He seeks to be the last consultant you will ever need to hire. After 6 months, you should be able to adapt your culture, practices, and company structures to meet novel challenges, each in a matter of days.

Arlo tries stuff in the real world. Some of it works. Some doesn't. Then he talks about what he tried. He knows the theory, but only cares about the practical outcomes.

He's also got this thing with names. His innovations include Naked Planning, Promiscuous Pairing, and Drunken Estimation. Oh, and he's Bloody Stupid from time to time.

For a good time, chat him up in a hall, a bar, or online.


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