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Published on: Friday, 18 November 2016

Agile Software Development is a deep (and deeply misunderstood) topic. Some companies swear by it, and some, not being able to implement any of the methodologies properly, diss it.


Jordan Dea-Mattson, VP of Engineering / TradeGecko

Jordan is an experienced technologist who started his career in software engineering before most of the people in the Singapore tech ecosystem were even born. He spent over a decade at Apple, a large chunk of his career at Adobe and Yahoo, where he worked on large infrastructural projects.

He recently joined TradeGecko as a VP of Engineering and is currently on a quest to evangelize better engineering practices in the Singaporean tech community.

Nuno Jonet, Director of Product Management / PocketMath

Nuno is a veteran enterprise and fintech product manager. Earlier in his career, he had a chance to work with Lockheed Martin, Fusion Garage, and Standard Chartered.

Varun Mittal, Regional Head of Operations & Merchant Product / helloPay, Alibaba & Lazada Group

Varun is an experienced fintech product manager, who spent most of his career working on an implementation of various payment systems.

Moderator: Uttam Chopra, Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Asia Pacific.

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