Agile journey series: SP Digital by Winston Teo - Agile Singapore

Published on: Thursday, 25 April 2019

Speaker: Winston Teo, SP Digital

## About Winston Teo
Winston currently leads the Engineering Productivity Group in SP Digital where he's learning the fine arts of engineering management and championing engineering effectiveness for the whole of SP Digital. He's also known as a full-stack engineer, entrepreneur and startup advisor.
Winston’s experience in startups started about 10 years ago with numerous successful startups including Wego, Viki, Friendster amongst others.

His software engineering skills and practices were honed in Pivotal Labs where Agile methodologies like Pair Programming and TDD were his daily routine for 3 years straight.

Before joining SP Group, he was the founder of Jolly Good Code, a software and training consultancy that specialised in Agile methodologies and Ruby.

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