An Effective Guide to Effective Feedback - JuniorDevSG

Published on: Sunday, 19 July 2020

Speaker: Isha Tripathi

An effective team is one that works on collaboration and mutual trust. Collaboration means being able to find the best way to work with other people to achieve a common goal. An effective way to work collaboratively is to give each other feedback. In this session, we will talk about some simple tips and tricks that will help you not only give feedback to others effectively, but also be a good receiver of feedback. Come prepared with your questions and war stories.

Hola todos, I'm Isha. I currently work as a Technical Specialist at Google Singapore. In a former life, I was a developer and Agile consultant. I have also been a trainer, a business analyst and an all-round multitasker. Outside of work hours, you can catch me dancing Salsa, reading (currently attempting the 2020 Reading Women Challenge) or couch potato-ing with Netflix.

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