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Published on: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Speaker: Jordan Baucke

Evasyst was founded with the intention of making video-streaming and playback a single application experience. eSports broadcasting exploded into the public lexicon in the United States with Amazon’s 2014 purchase of Twitch, and while the audiences were huge, the number of casual and online-competitive gamers still dwarfs the number of people broadcasting their game-play for the world to see.

Social Media has already proven that users prefer to share content with a select number of IRL peers, but game-play was typically limited to coop VoIP and Chat solutions. When Evasyst started working with WebRTC screen sharing was, and is still considered a tool primarily for enterprise users to collaborate over power-point presentations and documents. At the same time consumer video-calls are quickly becoming the norm on many platforms. Our search for solution quickly led us to WebRTC, a technology that for all of its promises remains stubbornly “isolated” in the “web-browser” in the minds of most engineers and technologists. Evasyst’s search for solution ultimately lead to a unique application of’s implementation of WebRTC via libWebRTC.

However, with the gaming and social media industry’s interest in video-streaming exploding, competitors are catching up and the variety of applications of WebRTC in gaming are appearing more quickly than ever before.

This talk will explore the ideations of the biggest players in gaming and streaming technology, as well as their approach and the known unknowns of leveraging WebRTC outside of the web-browser.

About the speaker:

Jordan Baucke is co-founder and CTO of Evasyst Inc. (Irvine, CA.), a start-up focused on producing software tools for competitive eSports players. Evasyst's tools allow gamers to compete more effectively by augmenting their gaming experience through multi-view screen sharing.

Evasyst partners with collegian and professional eSports clubs and programs to help gamers, coaches and analysts game more effectively. Today Evasyst has raised over $2 million in venture capital funding and has over 100 collegiate eSports partners.

Evasyst's software engineering team is distributed globally with contractors and employees in Finland, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Greece, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Evasyst has made a significant investment in understanding and leveraging C++ software (Qt framework) for multiple-gaming platforms (Desktop, Console and Mobile). Evasyst is also investing heavily in leveraging WebRTC technology to integrate new streaming experiences for it’s customers.

Jordan holds a BS in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Jordan has worked at 6+ start-up companies in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado region, San Francisco/Bay Area (Silicon Valley), and Southern California, as well as Hong Kong, PRC., and Mumbai, India.

These start-ups focused on a variety of products and services such as Enterprise CRM (Salesforce), sports / entertainment social media presence, cryptocurrency/blockchain, venture capital, as well as NGO/NP organizations.

An interest in high-frequency trading and GPU accelerator technology lead to an interest in video applications as well as cryptocurrency/blockchain technology. Jordan hopes to continue his career connecting engineers and technologists around the globe through open-source software.

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