Architecting a Recommendation Engine with Scala & Spark - Singapore Scala Programmers

Published on: Thursday, 10 August 2017

Speaker: Preetham Nadig

Recommendation engines are at the heart of what we see on Lazada the first time we login, or the books suggested by Amazon or the series we binge watch on Netflix. In the talk, Preetham will share principles to architect a recommendation engine using Scala, Apache Spark and Kafka. The talk will also discuss challenges and approaches to building a recommendation engine.

Presenter(s): Preetham Nadig, CEO @ Qubida Analytics
Preetham is a technopreneur with over 15 years of experience, having served multiple roles in Software, IT, Finance and Product Management. Currently as CEO of Qubida Analytics, his responsibilities include leading and directing Qubida Big Data Platform’s product lifecycle strategy from concept to commercial adoption. 

Sponsor(s): Thanks to ThoughtWorks for sponsoring our venue, food, and beverages. 

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