Bears attack your code: Adding coala and gitmate to your workflows - FOSSASIA 2017

Published on: Sunday, 19 March 2017

Speaker(s): Udayan Tandon (Delhi)

coala( is a language independent, cross platform and open source solution that can be tightly integrated into your developers setup. It helps your developers developing faster, reduces redundancy and helps you paying back technical debt.GitMate( is a language independent solution which runs in the cloud or on our premises. It builds on your existing continuous integration and deployment systems. Data and source code analytics enable us to improve your QA processes in speed and quality. The open source SAAS solution improves your source code in an automated process. You can get a return of investment in no time.Both of these projects are essentially designed to ease the process of writing good code. Gitmate additionally eases the headache of the code reviewer as well. We use both of them in our repositories at coala as part of our commit, continuous integration, and review workflows. As part of the development team of both the tools I would like to introduce the tools and show how to add them to workflows so as to reap the benefits provided by them.

(Type: Talk | Track: DevOps | Room: Dalton Hall (Floor 3))

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