Becoming Junior Again - Staying relevant amidst change and responsibilities - JuniorDevSG

Published on: Friday, 14 December 2018

Speaker: Alwyn Tan

Alwyn recalls seeing his senior managers being too preoccupied with their responsibilities to code when he was just starting out as a developer. In this brief and informal talk, he also describes the moments in his career when he realised that he was going to have to work harder to avoid sharing in their predicament. He then shares two approaches taken to keep coding amidst changes in the tech landscape and his responsibilities, in the hopes that other developers will be prepared when this also happens to them.

About Alwyn
Alwyn has been coding professionally since the subprime crisis, and wishes to continue doing so. He is now part of Open Government Products, a highly dynamic team within GovTech Singapore focused on delivering technology products with significant public impact, like Alwyn also contributes to open-source software regularly, and tries to encourage others to do likewise.

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