Bite 1 - Learn to write your first playbook with Ansible - DevOps Workshops - Bite-Sized Learning

Published on: Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Speaker: Gourav Shah, Initcron Systems (@initcron)

Ansible  :  Ansible is an open source configuration management, provisioning automation, application deployment and orchestration and ad hoc server management tool in one. Originally written by Michael De Hann, it's now acquired and promoted by Redhat and has an active community around it. 

What can I do with Ansible?  •  Provision infrastructure components on cloud e.g. compute, network, storage and other managed resources such as databases, caches etc.  • Install and configure system and application configurations  •  Software  Change management •  Deploy an application, do rolling updates etc.  •  Run ad-hoc commands on a group of servers in parallel

Is this for me?  This workshop is for you if,  •  You are part of the ops team (systems/operations/network/infra engineers) and would like to learn how to manage systems at scale and automate common infrastructure tasks.  • If you are a part of development organization/ DevOps team and are involved in automating application deployments and orchestration.  • If you are a QA/Test engineer and are involved in building test infrastructure/setups frequently and use scripts or manual approach to doing that.  What topic will I  learn? •  Ansible quick overview  •  The language - YAML basics •  Playbooks - writing infrastructure as a code with Ansible •  Modules  -  The playbook plugins

What will I  do during the workshop? •  Setup a cluster of Ansible nodes with a controller and 5 managed nodes •  Write a simple playbook to install an application and start service using core modules • Deploy application to the managed nodes 


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