Browser extensions - lets make one - FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Saturday, 24 March 2018

Speaker: Trishul Goel

Browsers are built on very simple principle - "one fit that suits all". Addons/Extnesions are the thing that help us to personalize the browser as per our need.We use number of addons/extensions to make most of our browser. How about being on other side of table lets create one.Webextensions APIs are here to convert us(Javascript developers) to addon/extension developers. Javascript mixed with Webextensions APIs empower us to modify our browsers to suit as per our need. Adding to awesomeness not only for one browser but same code that can be deployed on Firefox Chrome Opera with minimal or no changes. In this session  we will be learning how to develop portable addons/extensions using javascript. One can learn how to use features of browser such as Notifications Tab capture HTTP request handling Toolbar buttons via addon etc. Also I will be giving a hands-on demo of creating an addon right in the session and deploying it in the browser. By the end of session audience will be empowered enough to command their browser to perform tasks as per their wish may be throwing notification to drink water after every hour. By this session I look forward to increase the circle of addons/extensions developers so as to make browsers great.

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