Build a Facebook Bot with the Vonage Messages API and Node.js - JuniorDevSG

Published on: Saturday, 20 February 2021

Speaker: Kevin Lewis

Users message a Facebook page, and it gets stored in a basic database. When they message ‘RECAP’ we return all messages they’ve sent to-date.

Target Audience:
Learners with low technical proficiency/confidence with JavaScript or the Vonage Messages API.

- JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js
- Vonage Messages API
- nedb (small file-based database)

You don’t need any technical skills, but if you know some JavaScript it will be useful. You’ll need to have:

- Node.js
- Code Editor
- A Vonage API account
- A Facebook account

Speaker: Kevin Lewis

Bio: Kevin Lewis is a Developer Advocate for Vonage, where his role is to support the local tech community in London. He’s an experienced events organiser, boardgamer and (inexperienced) dad. He’s also the lead organizer for You Got This - a network of events on the core skills needed for a happy, healthy work life.

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Recorded by: Michael