Building a Micro AI company in 2017 - Spencer Yang - FOSSASIA Summit 2017

Published on: Saturday, 18 March 2017

Speaker(s): Spencer Yang (San Francisco)

// Micro AI - AI has been one of the hottest technology trends leading up to 2017 - AlphaGo beating Lee Se Do (March) - Massive acquisitions: - FB opened Messenger platform, over 40,000 chat bots developed - Uber, Google, Tesla in self driving cars - Data open sourcing, OpenAI, research datasets- It’s easy to sit back and relax watching all this happening (Image: TV potato couch), but how can entrepreneurs take action (Mine gold action)?- Micro AI product and services from the trenches (Image: call of duty trench fight) - Customer: Identify the right customer (enterprise or consumer or a subset of the offering you give - usual customer development) - KeyReply chat and engagement platform: communication and marketing team for Tech news outlet - TechinAsia - Product: Research, test and learn (product development) - Joke: Buzzword at NIPS - RocketAI - AI Differentiation: Deep research or the novelty, quality and/or quantity of the data they have access to - Healthcare data, financial performance, chat logs with open data sets like Gigaword, Enron email corpus - Share research - Mendeley app (pull in research papers from Arxiv) (Image: App photos) - Started with a demo of the chatbot, Trello board conversational flows, research on the various libraries and tool kits we need to use to deliver the optimal experience - Go to market - Hyping innovation vs expectation management - Promise amazing performance vs determining the right success metric - Charging random pricing vs value based pricing - Team - Know your strengths, build capabilities and optimise for learning - Have everyone be on the same page, read and research - Recruit both in Asia and the US (Singapore as an example - universities, AI research, no. of papers published in EMNLP China vs US vs rest of world)

(Type: Talk | Track: Startup and Business Development | Room: Einstein (Floor 3))

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