Chin Suyuen - Junior Developers Singapore

Published on: Monday, 13 August 2018

Speaker: Chin Suyuen, Founder, MomoCentral

Su Yuen is the co-founder and CEO of, an on-demand tech talent platform of freelance designers and developers. Everyday she and her co-founder Jason Lim interviews and tests designers and developers who apply to join their platform for quality. Currently over 1000+ companies including YCombinator to Series C startups and MNCs hire 450+ talents from MomoCentral. Su Yuen herself is a coder as well having won top 4 at a 24-hour hackathon, coded kitchen touch tables and Augmented Reality projects way back when the iPad didn't even have a camera. As a person who hates BS, she will be here to share and answer any questions openly in an unbiased, honest and direct manner.

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Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Zion Ng

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