Collaborate with ease and Confidence - Georg Greve - FOSSASIA Summit 2015

Published on: Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Speaker: Georg Greve, Kolab Systems AG

Communication and collaboration are the life blood of our professional world. Kolab is the comprehensive solution that enables collaboration across all platforms and with great ease. Based on a micro service architecture, it can integrate into environment or cloud strategy, and is the only solution of its kind that was built for highest levels of security from the ground up thanks to its origins with the German Federal Office for IT Security. It's use cases range from self-hosting on a Raspberry Pi to multiple data centres serving millions of users with advanced Audit, eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) scenarios. Kolab is also available as Kolab Now, a public service similar to Google Apps or, but hosted in Switzerland under enhanced privacy provisions for professionals who cannot afford to compromise the data and communication of their customers and partners.

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