Container runtimes from a security perspective - DevSecOps Singapore

Published on: Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Speaker: Vincent De Smet

Containers are all the rage, but what are some of the security concerns raised by this technology and how are these being addressed.
As part of this talk we will look at Docker Containers (OCI), Image Security scanning and walk through an example of building, signing and hosting AppC images.

About the speaker:
Vincent De Smet is a DevOps engineer for Honestbee interested in all things containers. Organiser for Docker Saigon and maintain the blog at, recently (May) moved to Singapore. Used Docker at a startup in Vietnam since June 2014. As for his full time job of the last 10 years (based in Vietnam): Consultant working for TRG International implementing Back Office systems for our customers globally (Hilton Hotels, Brown Brothers Harriman, Garadagh Sement - Holcim subsidiary in Azerbaijan).

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