Controlling Distributed Energy Resources with Edge Computing and Go - GopherCon SG 2019

Published on: Monday, 20 May 2019

Sau Sheong Chang, SP Digital (@sausheong)
Rully Adrian Santosa, SP Digital (@rullyadrian)

With advancing technologies, energy distribution model has changed from being centralised to being distributed. We created a platform for distributing and running IoT apps, written in Go, on edge devices to monitor and control distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic and battery systems.

About the speakers

Sau Sheong has been doing software development for 24 years, mostly in web application development for various industries including telcos, fintech, gaming, government and also energy/utility.

He is active in the Ruby and Go developer communities have have contributed to open source projects and spoke at meetups and conferences. Sau Sheong has also published 4 programming-related books, on Ruby and Go, his latest being Go Web Programming published by Manning.

He currently works for Singapore Power (a utility company), based out of sunny Singapore and has in his career worked for PayPal, HP, Yahoo, and also ran a technology startup during the dot-com days.

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