Deep Learning Hands-on Workshop - PyConSG 2016

Published on: Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Speaker: Martin Andrews

Deep Learning is a hot topic, but has a steep initial learning curve. To ease the pain, a pre-configured virtual machine will be handed out, so that participants can run it on their own laptops using cross-platform open-source VirtualBox. In order to get the most out of the talk, participants should install VirtualBox on their laptops beforehand.

The workshop will start from the very basics (with a little mathematics), and quickly progress to getting hands-on with open source software including the training of deep networks on simple problems.

This will be followed by a more in-depth portion, using a pre-built Virtual Machine, run within VirtualBox (which participants should have installed on their laptops before the workshop). This section includes an introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning : Specifically training a deep neural network to play 'Bubble Breaker' using 'Q-learning', similar in principle to Google's AlphaGo.

While parts of this are very technical, the subject can be appreciated at different levels - and the models (inside the Virtual Machine) are all in Jupyter (fka iPython) notebooks, making interaction straightforward.

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