Deep learning in Go - Present and future - GopherCon SG 2019

Published on: Monday, 20 May 2019

Speaker: Karthic Rao, Dgraph Labs (@hackintoshrao)

After hypnotizing the large scale cloud software community with its capabilities, Go now starts to stare at the exciting area of deep learning. Deep learning in Go?!! But why? And how? What’s next? Curious? Let’s explore it with a fun-filled, fast-paced deep dive into deep learning in Go.

About the speaker

Karthic is an entrepreneur, developer, musician, blogger, and a passionate learner.

With his significant core contributions to Caddy Nginx alternative written in Go) and Minio (Amazon S3 alternative written in Go) Karthic’s primary tech expertise revolves around building high performance and cost-effective infrastructure + analytical tools and pipelines. His expertise stems from his experience of working with startups across Silicon Valley in the west to Singapore in the east.

When not at work he might be found performing with Piano / Boxing / Trekking / on Motorcycle trips.

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