Deep Learning @ ReFUEL4 - DataScience SG

Published on: Wednesday, 17 May 2017


And we have double meetup in May! In this meetup, we have Chiu Hansheng, Head of Data, from ReFUEL4 to share more with us on using deep learning in online advertising. ( Here are the details: ReFUEL4 is the world's first crowdsourcing platform for ad development, built on the Facebook and Instagram APIs. Using a pay-for-performance model, ReFUEL4's base of more than 10,000 designers can create static and video ads in a matter of hours to sustain campaign performance. Using artificial intelligence, ReFUEL4 provides partners and designers live campaign data that guides the further development of ads. Advertising will never be the same! Synopsis - ReFUEL4 Introduction: What we do and how we are changing the advertising industry.- How we are utilizing deep learning: Problems, difficulties, and solutions. Given mixed kinds of input, how we created sensible classifiers and its performance in real production environment.- Generative models are gaining attentions, how it will help us in shaping future advertising. RSVP Starts at May 12, 2017 Friday 12:00pm Ends at May 16, 2017 Tuesday 10:30pm

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