Deploying OpenNebula, the Open Source Solution for Enterprise Cloud Solution - FOSSAsia 2015

Published on: Sunday, 15 March 2015

Speaker: Goh Choon Ming, OlinData

As enterprises expand their datacenters or internal infrastructure, it is
very common for one to use commercial software such as VMWare or
OSS solution such as Xen, KVM or OpenStack. However, the reality
is that enterprises chose commercial products in the end because of
the features made available to them. An open source
cloud/infrastructure solution such as OpenNebula provides the
features that can rivals VMWare whilst integrating with various other
open source technologies will balance up the scale. The talk will show
you how OpenNebula works and what are the features available and
how it integrates with other Open Source solution in order to rival
VMWare or other commercial products.

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