@deprecated Monolith @available Modules - iOS Conf SG 2020

Published on: Thursday, 30 January 2020

Speaker: Luis Ascorbe , Indie Developer

At his previous company Wallapop, Luis and his team have been fight with modules for over 2 years. While they were looking for the best solution to split the app, they've a hit a serious compiler bug several times which didn't let us build the app. In this talk he'd like to tell the story how they were changing the project over time to make it scalable. What worked, and what didn't, where they failed, and what't the current state is.

About the speaker

Luis is an independent software developer that started with iOS in 2011. Previously he was the iOS Lead at Wallapop. He’s the co-founder and organizer of NSSpain. Luis loves traveling and exploring the world, first time in Singapore!

Event URL: https://2020.iosconf.sg/

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